Ethical Hacking 101

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This instructor-led class will teach participants how to find and exploit common Web vulnerabilities. Learn how to use Burpsuite, Kali and other open source tools to conduct basic penetration tests. NOTE: Class dates are 16th and 18th July. Refer to Study Type information for class timings.
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Course Details
What To Expect

Learn how to conduct Web penetration tests. The course is designed to be 70% hands-on and 30% theory. Participants will have to have some basic knowledge of IT networking, protocols, Operating Systems (Windows & Linux).

You will be taught both theory and practical approaches to penetration testing. This course is designed for those with basic cyber security knowledge or with an IT background. It is intended to give an introduction on how to get started on Web penetration testing.

This is a basic introductory course to practical Web hacking. It is suitable for university students pursuing Cyber security related courses, enthusiasts or anyone with some knowledge of computers and basic networking.

Recommended Path

Participants that would like to pursue Penetration testing are encouraged to look up OSCP, OSWE certifications provided by Offensive Security or CRT/CPSA by CREST. This course is not meant to be a preparation course for certification programs but rather a basic introduction to Web penetration testing.

Who Should Attend This Course

IT admin, Web developers, IT Students or anyone with IT background looking to specialize their skillset to penetration testing.


You are encouraged to complete the Cyber security 101 course or have some prior experience in IT security before joining this course. A basic understanding of HTML, Web technology, TCP/IP, Linux and Windows & Linux skills are necessary to complete this course.

Your PC must meet the following specs:

  • Windows 10 (preferable) or Mac.
  • Min 8 GB RAM or 16 GB RAM (Recommended)
  • 30 GB HDD Free space
  • Stable Internet connection, broadband highly recommended.

No Netbook or Android tablets are supported for this course as it doesn't meet the min specs to run the required software. You must have a laptop with enough memory and storage capacity to run multiple Virtual machines with stable Internet connection.

Course Outline
General Program

Day 1

Introduction to Ethical Hacking (Duration: 20 mins)

  • What is Penetration Testing?
  • What is Red Teaming?
  • White / Grey / Black hats
  • Script kiddies / hacktivist / ethical hackers / criminals / APTs

Web Technology (Duration: 20 mins)

  • Client-Server Request
  • Testing techniques
  • Common Tools

Common Web Vulnerabilities (Duration: 40mins)

  • SQL Injection
  • Command Injection
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Client Side Request Forgery (CSRF)
  • Brute Force
  • File Inclusion
  • File upload to RCE (Remote Code Exec)

Lab Setup(Duration: 40 mins)

  • Virtual Box Setup
  • Kali OS Installation
  • Damn Vulnerable Web Application (DVWA)

Tools & Attack Techniques (Duration: 2 hour)

  • Reconnaissance & Planning
  • Intro to Google dorking - Students to practice dorking
  • Shodan - Students to practice shodan
  • Twitter
  • Scanning & Enumeration - Nmap (Hands on nmap scanning) - Application Scanners (Hands on application scanning) - Searchsploit / CVE / exploit-db / etc.

Day 2

  • Exploitation - Burp walkthrough hands-on (Metasploit walkthru
  • Post exploitation / backdooring - Examples of backdooring
  • Report Writing - Sample reports / Severity Rating

Lab Time - Practical Walkthrough of DVWA(Duration: 2 hours)

  • Brute Forcing
  • SQL injection
  • Command injection
  • Local & Remote File Inclusion
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Client Side Resource Forgery (CSRF)
  • File Upload to Remote Command Exec (RCE)

CTF: OWASP Broken Apps Exercise (Duration: 2-4 hours)

Instructor Walk-through of Solutions & Close out(Duration: 1 hour)

  • Career options
  • Side Hustle
  • Professional certifications
Exam and Professional Certification


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Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?

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Can I get a job after the course?

Your certificate is recognised by the industry which is sufficient to land you a job. If you stand out, our trainers may recommend you to companies within the airasia and Google Cloud ecosystem, or their extensive network of businesses.

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