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19 Aug, 2021
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A step by step, A to Z journey on how to implement online branding for businesses of all sizes.
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19 Aug, 2021
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Ciayi Lim
Ciayi is a branding expert and has started her brand & marketing consulting studio in 2013, working closely with SMEs in Europe and Asia. She holds an MBA and is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute. She’s skilled in branding, strategic marketing, and digital marketing and has a super sharp eye in design elements and a general vibe. Safe to say, she’s very in-tune with her surroundings, that’s until you hear her laugh from a mile away. It’s very contagious, you’ve been warned!
Course Details
What To Expect

This course is very relevant, specifically for businesses that are just starting out.

You will know the various elements of online branding and be able to identify and develop the components that make up your brand. More importantly, how can branding impact your target audiences in a way that speaks to them, and the trickle-effect it has on all online marketing campaigns for your business.

Recommended Path

After you’ve completed this course, not only you’ll learn that your branding is the DNA of your business, but how do you get your brand across? Check out social media marketing and content marketing to add more weight to your brand and get the right message across.

Who Should Attend This Course

Any individual looking to become a Digital Marketing professional.


English and Malay Language proficiency.

Course Outline
General Program
  • Differentiate the 3 key elements of branding
  • Develop brand mission, vision & values
  • Identify brand personalities
  • Identify the 5 basic elements of brand identities
  • Understand the general idea of brand equity, experience & assets
  • Know how to position a brand
  • Able to conduct a basic online brand audit
Course Dates & Schedule
19 Aug, 2021

4 Hours

21 Sept, 2021

4 Hours

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Can I get a job after the course?

Your certificate is recognised by the industry which is sufficient to land you a job. If you stand out, our trainers may recommend you to companies within the airasia and Google Cloud ecosystem, or their extensive network of businesses.

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