BINA Digital Advanced

Full/Part Time

Choose to do this program full or part-time, to best suit your busy schedule.

Real World Projects

The on-the-job project will give you the opportunity to carry out real-life digital marketing activities.


The Bina Advanced program is a progressive business program structured to supercharge up and coming businesses online while looking into technical methods of productivity and establishing a healthy work culture.

Study Mode
1 to 2 weeks
Certification Body
Redbeat Academy
Pre Requisites



Increasing your sales with trends - Advanced

Find out how do you find market fit based on what is popular and trending and why is this important for your business.

Building a Digital Marketing Plan for success

62% of Malaysian businesses are connected to the internet, but only 18% have a brand presence online. Forward-thinking business owners have a major opportunity to innovate where others hesitate. Master the main components of digital marketing and create effective digital marketing campaigns that drive sales and profitability.

Surviving and Thriving with Social Media

Social media is a large part of the digital experience. Learn how to create engaging content for social media, and how to communicate to an ever-evolving audience online.

Building a productive work culture for you & your team

Work culture is the heartbeat of your team, and it stems from the leader. Learn how happiness can increase productivity and the methods to implement to create an efficient and effective team.

Grow Global – taking your business to the next level

Learn what it takes to start selling in global markets and scale to a level of business automation.

Google Data Studio - automated reporting for the modern era

It’s time for live dashboards! Gain valuable tutorials for you and your business with Google Data Studio to transform your business reporting from manual excel sheets, to real-time automated reporting.

16 Nov 2020
MYR 100.00

Yes! You will receive a certificate based on your learning path, endorsed by Redbeat Academy and Google. 

Your certification is recognised by the industry which is sufficient to land you a job. If you stand out, the trainers may recommend you to companies within the Airasia and Google ecosystem, or within their extensive network of businesses. 

Yes, the digital fundamentals course is designed to offer an overview of each of the learning path and your future career path. You may decide which is the most suitable learning path to choose from. Reach out to our trainers for some insights! 

Hours are based on each learning path. For full time students, it will be morning and afternoon sessions, starting at 10am at Redbeat Academy at KL Sentral. For part time students, classes start at night on weekdays from 8pm – 10pm, serving online sessions only.

Yes, you may opt for online classes. However, we encourage you to join in person at Redbeat Academy for the best learning experience.

Send us a message and we will arrange an online call with you, or schedule a visit to Redbeat Academy, at KL Sentral for the full-experience. 

Refunds are not available at the moment.