Data Analytics & Engineering

The Dawn of Data, the Era of AI.

Full/Part Time

Choose to do this program full or part-time, to best suit your busy schedule.

Certification by Google

At the end of this program, you will receive a widely-recognised Google certification.

Real World Projects

The on-the-job project will give you the opportunity to carry out real-life digital marketing activities.

Full/Part Time

Choose to do this program full or part-time, to best suit your busy schedule.

Real World Projects

The on-the-job project will give you the opportunity to carry out real-life digital marketing activities.


This highly practical program is designed to provide fundamental but useful knowledge of big data and data analytics, including data management, machine learning, data mining and statistics, as well as visualizing and communicating data for application in data-driven decision making.

Upon completion of the program, you will be able to extract data from large structured or unstructured datasets; analyze the data for business purposes, and use effective designs/visuals to present results to stakeholders.

Study Mode
3 to 7 months
Certification Body
Redbeat Academy
Pre Requisites

Minimum SPM
English proficiency

To skip the Foundation level, you will need to have already completed a Digital Foundation (DF103 or DF104)

A minimum of 20 pax per batch is required for the commencement of this program.


Skilled data analysts are hot commodities in the talent market, that’s because demand far outstrips supply and salary packages for those with certified qualifications are very attractive.

Companies across various sectors including banking, airlines, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and more, seek the services of data analysts to crunch volumes of data in order to determine trends and patterns that help to guide business strategies and direction. If you are analytical and enjoy distilling data for important insights, you have what it takes to be a great data analyst.


Digital Fundamental 

Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals
Explore the Google Cloud Platform and learn how to incorporate cloud-based solutions into business strategies.

Introduction to Programming & Coding For Everyone
Discover how to code a real app – no experience needed!

Cybersecurity 101
Familiarise yourself with the terminology used in the fast-changing world of cybersecurity.

Introduction to Machine Learning
Understand what machine learning is about – ie getting computers to act without being explicitly programed – and how pervasive its application is today.

Critical and Creative Problem Solving
Explore the different aspects of creativity and increase your ability to develop multiple ideas and concepts to solve problems.

Google Analytic Academy
Acquire the numerical and computational tools to make sense of number sequences and to study quantitative variations via functions and their graphs.

Google CSI Lab
Leverage design thinking to gain a better user perspective, and understand which problems are the most important to solve.

Introduction to G Suite
How to use cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed by Google.

Data Analyst Basic

Introduction to Data science
Understand structured and unstructured data to learn how it helps large companies make sound decisions.

R Programming
Learners will dive into R, a programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics that runs on almost any standard computing platform and operating system.

Know the language of database! Learners with no previous coding experience will know how to develop SQL fluency to access and manipulate entire databases.

Building on the success of the “Python for Everybody” course, the module introduces fundamental programing concepts including data structures, networked application program interfaces and databases, using the Python programing language.

Big Data and Industry
Want to know how to query and process petabytes of data in seconds? Curious about data analysis that scales automatically as your data grows? In this topic, learners will understand how Big Data has a direct implication on Big Decisions.

Probability, Statistics and Mathematical Modeling
Learn how to use and evaluate statistics in preparation for the next step in the specialisation – Inferential Statistics.

TLinux and Google Analytics
Learn about the most popular operating system around, which powers 94% of the world’s supercomputers, most of the servers powering the Internet, the majority of financial trades worldwide and billion Android devices.

Capstone Program

Hands-on projects or on-the-job training that will get learners to apply new-found knowledge in a real-life environment.

Trainers and Mentors will provide problem statements, cases or projects to participants together with industry partners to solve them within 4 – 8 weeks duration. Final evaluation and assessment will be done by Trainers and Mentors after the Capstone program.


1st March 2021
MYR 14,300.00


Dr Yong Poh Yu

Dr Yu is a data science enthusiast with a track record of more than 10 years of working experience. He has trained more than 1000 students and working adults from various industries. His teaching philosophy is “no one is left behind”.


Yes! You will receive a certificate based on your learning path, endorsed by Redbeat Academy and Google. 

Your certification is recognised by the industry which is sufficient to land you a job. If you stand out, the trainers may recommend you to companies within the Airasia and Google ecosystem, or within their extensive network of businesses. 

Yes, the digital fundamentals course is designed to offer an overview of each of the learning path and your future career path. You may decide which is the most suitable learning path to choose from. Reach out to our trainers for some insights! 

Hours are based on each learning path. For full time students, it will be morning and afternoon sessions, starting at 10am at Redbeat Academy at KL Sentral. For part time students, classes start at night on weekdays from 8pm – 10pm, serving online sessions only.

Yes, you may opt for online classes. However, we encourage you to join in person at Redbeat Academy for the best learning experience.

Send us a message and we will arrange an online call with you, or schedule a visit to Redbeat Academy, at KL Sentral for the full-experience. 

Refunds are not available at the moment.