Software Engineering

Design the Building Blocks of our Digital Space.

Full/Part Time

Choose to do this program full or part-time, to best suit your busy schedule.

Certification by Google

At the end of this program, you will receive a widely-recognised Google certification.

Real World Projects

The on-the-job project will give you the opportunity to carry out real-life digital marketing activities.

Full/Part Time

Choose to do this program full or part-time, to best suit your busy schedule.

Real World Projects

The on-the-job project will give you the opportunity to carry out real-life digital marketing activities.


In this course, you will learn how to design, develop, and deploy web applications that are scalable. You will also apply algorithmic techniques to resolve computing problems; and use machine learning APIs to build secure, scalable, and intelligent apps.

Upon completion of the program, you will be able to use Go lang programming among other tools. You will also be aware of common app development issues and be able to circumvent these.

Study Mode
6 to 14 months
Certification Body
Redbeat Academy
Pre Requisites

Minimum SPM
English proficiency

To skip the Foundation level, you will need to have already completed a Digital Foundation (DF103 or DF104)

A minimum of 20 pax per batch is required for commencement of this program.


Software development is constantly evolving to better suit Industry requirements. As a result, improvements to current programming languages are compounded with emerging technologies like AI and Blockchain. If you are looking to start a career in software engineering, these emerging technologies will not only require you to stay on top of your skills but also create more job opportunities.

In the era of tech, software engineers are high in-demand and will remain so in the decades to come.


Digital Fundamental

Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals
Explore the Google Cloud Platform and learn how to incorporate cloud-based solutions into business strategies.

Introduction to Programming & Coding For Everyone
Discover how to code a real app – no experience needed!

Cybersecurity 101
Familiarise yourself with the terminology used in the fast-changing world of cybersecurity.

Introduction to Machine Learning
Understand what machine learning is about – ie getting computers to act without being explicitly programed – and how pervasive its application is today.

Critical and Creative Problem Solving
Explore the different aspects of creativity and increase your ability to develop multiple ideas and concepts to solve problems.

Google Analytic Academy
Acquire the numerical and computational tools to make sense of number sequences and to study quantitative variations via functions and their graphs.

Google CSI Lab
Leverage design thinking to gain a better user perspective, and understand which problems are the most important to solve.

Introduction to G Suite
How to use cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed by Google.

Software Engineering Basic

Introduction on Programing Language & Agile Development
Learners with no prior knowledge of technology will be introduced to different types of programming languages, and will understand how Agile methodology creates opportunities to assess a project’s direction during the development cycle.

Network, Software Architect and Web
Get access to a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of the software architecture and its types.

Learners will gain a fundamental understanding of the required skills to be an effective software architect.

HTML Basics
This module provides learners the core fundamentals and skills in how to build and create different types of elements by code! It also focuses on how different elements relate to one another in the overall structure of the page.

CSS Basics
Learners will focus on how to link CSS to other documents in a web application. Learners would also be able to control and implement the style sheet language to control the look and feel of the content written in HTML.

Vanilla JavaScript & ES6
Learners will have immense knowledge of JavaScript fundamentals, DOM manipulation, ES6 classes, keywords, and how to make different types of requests to the server using different APIs.

This module covers the core aspects of react.js, introduction to jsx, competent creation, Component life cycle, and handling data in components by props and state, and how to reuse components by storing data in JSON format.

Gain a profound understanding of the differences between synchronous and asynchronous code, hands-on code practices to learn HTTP calls from node.js, call back functions, promises, JW and curd Rest Apis.

Data Structures and Algorithms
Learners will again an understanding into the importance of Algorithms & how to divide and conquer them, and to familiarize with back-end concepts while being able to establish a relation between uploaded files and existing DB entities.

Learn different types of data & conversions in Go-lang and how logics and loops work.

Here, learners will be introduced to advance data types and flow control.

The module provides an understanding to the importance of testing, code inspection, and how to perform different types of testing such as unit testing, performance testing and alpha – beta testing. It’s testing galore!

Capstone Program:

Hands-on projects or on-the-job training that will get learners to apply new-found knowledge in a real-life environment.

Trainers and Mentors will provide problem statements, cases or projects to participants together with industry partners to solve them within 4 – 8 weeks duration. Final evaluation and assessment will be done by Trainers and Mentors after the Capstone program.

1st March 2021
MYR 19,200.00


Naghmeh Mohammadi

She is a well versed Software Engineer having passion to learn, share and grow together. She helps bridge the gap between theoretical learning to practical learning needed for professionals.


Yes! You will receive a certificate based on your learning path, endorsed by Redbeat Academy and Google. 

Your certification is recognised by the industry which is sufficient to land you a job. If you stand out, the trainers may recommend you to companies within the Airasia and Google ecosystem, or within their extensive network of businesses. 

Yes, the digital fundamentals course is designed to offer an overview of each of the learning path and your future career path. You may decide which is the most suitable learning path to choose from. Reach out to our trainers for some insights! 

Hours are based on each learning path. For full time students, it will be morning and afternoon sessions, starting at 10am at Redbeat Academy at KL Sentral. For part time students, classes start at night on weekdays from 8pm – 10pm(not including BINA), serving online sessions only.

Yes, you may opt for online classes. However, we encourage you to join in person at Redbeat Academy for the best learning experience.

Send us a message and we will arrange an online call with you, or schedule a visit to Redbeat Academy, at KL Sentral for the full-experience. 

Refunds are not available at the moment.