Dr. Ram is currently our Director of Strategy & Innovation. Having had more than a decade of experience in academia, research, and publication as well as more than 20 years in software development, Ram oversees the curriculum and content of RBA across all streams.

Having obtained his PhD in Artificial Intelligence in 2011, founded several successful start-ups, our “Dean of School” knows what makes universities, and technology businesses tick and is therefore guiding RBA in bringing you the latest and greatest technology syllabus today.

Working closely with our Chief Data Scientist, Product and Business Stakeholders as well as advising customers on the critical technical skills of today and tomorrow and mapping to the enterprises’ top technology initiatives & business objectives, ensuring that RBA and its students are always the best of class and are industry-relevant and ready.



Denagharan is an IT infrastructure and cyber security enthusiast with a track record of more than 15 years of experience working with MNCs and conglomerates of various sectors.
He has experience in banking fraud detection, IPC process and management, IT data centres, virtualisation and cloud infrastructures, cyber defense technologies and cyber forensics. He is passionate about spreading awareness on the dangers of hacking and teaching people how to protect themselves against it. Denagharan has to date, trained representatives from national cyber security agencies, International CERT teams and private sector’s skilled IT workers, cyber-security staff and managers.

When he’s not busy detecting cyber threats, he spends his time outdoors with water activities, or occasionally plays computer games. He loves spontaneous trips anywhere, which often comes in the form of a “tickle”.

Fun fact: Denagharan actually knows how to make egg fried rice.



Robin is a full-stack digital marketer with over 10 years of experience in various industries, from startups to SMEs. He is a digital marketing strategist at heart with a taste for high-value, data-driven online campaigns. He is well-versed in the areas of SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Email Marketing. He has helped up-skill marketing departments and brought significant ROI in the businesses he’s worked with. 

Fun fact: He has 2 adorable dogs he likes to take for hikes around Malaysia and doesn’t like cucumbers.


Ciayi is a creative entrepreneur who started her brand & marketing consulting studio in 2013, working closely with small and medium-sized businesses in Europe and Asia. She holds an MBA from Bournemouth University, accredited by the Chartered Management Institute. She’s skilled in branding, strategic marketing, and digital marketing. She has a super sharp eye in design elements and general vibe. Safe to say, she’s very in-tune with her surroundings, that’s until you hear her laugh from a mile away. It’s very contagious, you’ve been warned!

Fun fact: She meditates in the middle of meetings and eats brocolli as her staple.



Riz Ainuddin started his career as a self-taught web designer in 1999. In the past 2 decades, he has accumulated detailed experience as a cross-disciplinary product designer in the areas of UX, UI and visual design. He has worked with over 1,000 entrepreneurs and professionals in various industries in Asean, and validated over 500 digital products. He’s a great communicator and leads people with passion, easily noticeable when he trains. Aside from UI, UX, he’s a huge foodie. If he’s not busy training and smiling, you’ll likely find him exploring delicious food across Malaysia, also with a big smile!

He loves going on long hikes and lives a very active lifestyle. He’s a massive people’s person and looks after his students like his own children. He has 4 daughters, so go figure.

Fun fact: He’s acted in several local drama series over the span of 7 years. Yes, he’s an actual celebrity. 



She is a well versed Software Engineer having passion to learn, share and grow. She’s exceptional in bridging the gap between theoretical learning and practical learning needed to turn beginners to professionals. In her past, she has equipped many software engineers, to learn corporate and robust coding, helping them find better careers. She has worked with ‘Y-combinator’ startups, helping train and mentor students in hands-on coding bootcamps. She has contributed to employer goodwill programs, training employees in corporates and government sectors in learning technology efficiently.

When she’s not working, she either is meditating the Asian way or cooking the Persian way. She may seem strict, but fret not, it’s just the tiger eyes. Deep down she has a sense of humour that is on par with the wittiest of the wittiest. Her friends and family are fond of her sarcasm and it strikes when you least expect it.

Fun fact: She brings an assortment of nuts everywhere she goes and likes sharing it with people.



Hossein is an award-winning innovator with 6 gold medals from international competitions and exhibitions, and a technology lead, solution architect with more than 15 years experience in the ICT industry. He is a subject matter expert in the Cloud Architecture domain with more than 16 certifications from GCP, AWS and Azure Cloud.

Hossein got his Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligent with GPA 4.0/4.0 from UM university and is very passionate about machine learning and AI solutions.

Fun Fact: Hossein is an ailurophile! He spends his free time with 3 gorgeous cats.



Madan is a simple human being who believes anything is possible, given the time and resources. A strong believer in cloud computing and never stopped marveling at how technology acts as a democratizing force.
With over a decade of experience in IT operations spanning Insurance, Banking, Consulting and Aviation domains, he enjoys solving technical problems and wants to make technology more accessible. 

He has strong leadership skills and empowered global teams to become a better version of themselves. He spends his discretionary time with the family and a major movie buff.



Riyadh started programming at the tender age of 15 years old. He has a degree in electrical engineering and a professional career spanning over 7 years as a full-stack software engineer. Outside of work, he believes in doing open-source software. 
Fun Fact: He’s also unintentionally goofy and has an expressionless face. He loves playing video games, cooking, traveling, working out, and cats.



Ewe Seong is a Software Engineer with 7 years of experience in various technological stacks. He started his career with a focus on back-end development but has found his passion for front-end development midway through and has never looked back ever since! These days he’s mainly working on transforming ecstatic design sketches into working, functionable solutions. 
Fun Fact: He spends his free time binge-watching Netflix and reading Manga.



A business-oriented & user-centric full stack software engineer who spends time solving problems with the help of technology. With over 4 years of professional working experience in the travel industry, she started her career in the bay area after her masters in the USA and has a keen interest to coach junior developers.
Fun Fact: In her free time, she likes to travel and explore new places, cultures and especially food.



Munim is a Full-stack, polyglot programmer! He’s an Engineering Manager by profession, with years of experience in development while leading teams to deliver highly scalable system solutions. Munim has been in the software development industry for almost 10 years, with experiences in different platforms like mobile, desktop, and web, along with solution architecture experience in different domains. 
He has worked with teams from different parts of the world to devise solutions for fintech, content marketing, SME, digital content and different third world problems. He has a knack for detail-oriented designs and believes in doing things the right way for the right audience. 
Fun Fact: He loves to read books, watch movies, and contribute to the open-source community outside of work.