Google Primer

We’ve partnered with #GooglePrimer to offer free, on-demand minicourses on how to start your own business, manage your team, and market your products.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, Primer’s quick, easy lessons can help you improve your business in just minutes.

Get started learning with dozens of free, 5-minute lessons, available in English and Malay on #airasiaacademy

Even if you’re a marketing veteran, this FREE learning content on airasia academy is great for brushing up on your skills and learning others.

So what can you learn ? Topics available includes

  1. Get Started Launching Your Own Business
  2. Grow Your Business and Generate Revenue
  3. Go International With Your Business
  4. Be a Better Manager
  5. Help Your Team Overcome Challenges
  6. Perfect Your Processes as You Grow Your Business
  7. Take Your Business Online
  8. Get Started with Digital Advertising
  9. Connect with Customers in Your Marketing
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